Quinta do Crasto Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hoewel er geen certificaat voor wordt aangevraagd is de olijven boomgaard van Crasto volledig Organic. Het zal dan ook niemand verbazen dat de olijfolies van Crasto van een uitmuntende kwaliteit zijn.

Agricultural practices and phytosanitary treatments
Despite not being officially certified, our olive grove is organically grown (no phytopharmaceutical products or synthetic fertilisers are used).
A light pruning is made every two years to the trees.

Mechanical harvesting is used to remove the olives using olive shakers and vibration harvesters. This technique avoids olive trees from being damaged. Olives are put into 25 kg plastic boxes and transported to a traditional olive oil mill. Olives lying on the ground are not used for olive oil production.

Cobrançosa and Madural

≤ 0.3%